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West Coast Challengers
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West Coast Challengers, Southern California Chapter
Meet the Board
West Coast Challengers

The current list of Officers serving on the Board of West Coast Challengers:

     President  ~ Larry ~ "raVenX"

     Vice President  ~ Terence ~ "Rattler249"  RIP 4/12/19, position to remain vacant

     Co-Sergeant-at-Arms  ~ Kathy ~ "sweetnhonest53"

     Co-Sergeant-at-Arms  ~ Phil ~ "pre73"

     Co-Treasurer  ~ Tom ~ "myorangedream"

     Co-Treasurer  ~ Howard ~ "howard"

     Secretary  ~ Steve ~ "HB_Challenger"

     The next scheduled election will take place on January 17, 2021. Club members are encourage to nominate one another for a position on the Board. Feel free to nominate yourself.

     The club is also looking for members to participate and serve on some of our club committees. Please inquire with a current Board member to apply for a committee where your talents can be utilized.


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