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West Coast Challengers
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Our Most Popular Events
1. The Ghost Run – Road Rally & Cruise
Last year, club member Curt was selected to represent Mopar in Autoweek's America Adventure. The adventure took Curt to several ghost towns and he suggested that we take the club to visit one and make a cruise out of it. Calico Ghost Town was the obvious choice due to its close proximity. So we began planning to do just that and Curt gave the cruise a nickname, "The Ghost Run." Read more ...
2. Club Photo Shoot – MCAS Tustin Hangars
After calling in a few favors, and after many, many phone calls and persistence, club member Larry delivered the news to the members, "The hangars are ours!!!" So began the preparations for a club photo shoot inside of Hangar 1 at the now decommissioned Marine Corps Air Station Tustin in Orange County, CA. Read more ...
3. Ghost Run II: The Gambler – Road Rally & Poker Run
Living up to our reputation of creating fun and unique events, West Coast Challengers trekked out upon historic Route 66 on a car club cruise to give the club members a taste of what our parents and grand-parents experienced in their day traveling along the "Main Street of America." Read more ...
4. Auto Safari – Cruise and Picnic
Staying true to our promise to our club members to provide fun and unique events, West Coast Challengers took to the highway once again but this time in an “Auto Safari.” On this driving adventure that traversed some 400 miles, we planned for the club members to visit several locations, all having to do with animals. Read more ...
5. “End of the World” Cruise
One of the best known things about Mayan culture (2000 BC to 250 AD) was their penchant for creating calendars stretching centuries into the future. On December 21, 2012, their calendars suddenly end. Many theorize that the reason for this is that the world, as we know it, will come to an end, and that the Mayans were predicting the future demise of mankind. We decided to have fun with it and created the "End of the World" cruise for our members. The weekend before the slated end of the world, club members rolled out just after dawn. Read more ...


In memoriam

Terence Wenner


Hanford, CA

Member No. 3

U.S. Navy (ret.)

The club was saddened to learn that
our Vice President and long time
member, Terence Wenner, passed
away while at home from a heart
attack. His cell phone wasn't
found with him and the family
had no way of immediately
contacting the club or friends.

Terence joined the club at its
inception and was a familiar face
at nearly all club events.

A few years ago, he retired from
the U.S. Navy after 20 years
of service.

Condolences go out to his family.
He will sadly be missed by all
who knew and served with him.

· · ·

"We will be forever thanful to
have known him and proud to
always call him our friend."

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